Proyecto Carrito at the Conference on Community Writing

Boulder, Colorado — We’re excited to present at the Conference on Community Writing, “a 3-day conference that welcomes scholars, teachers, students, artists, and activists to delve into how communities write themselves and how writing can be used as a tool for social change.”

What is Community Writing?
Popularized by genres such as service-learning, community-based research, community literacy, ethnography, community publishing, and advocacy and activist writing, as well as creative writing, graffiti art, protest songwriting, and social media, community writing locates its work within the broad, historical traditions of rhetoric and composition, literacy studies, race and gender studies, education, communication, and related disciplines.

Our discussion, “Proyecto Carrito: Our Translingual Pro-immigrant Writing Collective Moves Nationwide,” will center on our work that brings together members of of campus community — immigrant janitors, students, professors, staff, administrators — who aren’t often at the same table. We circulate this work by wrapping it on a van and driving it across the country.

Visit our website and read our book to learn more about Proyecto Carrito.